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Why Should You Spay and Neuter?

Spay and neuter surgeries do a lot of good for both your pet and the greater La Porte pet community. They prevent serious conditions from developing later in your pet’s life. They also prevent unwanted litters from ending up in shelters, thereby helping pets currently up for adoption find their forever homes. At Bay-Porte Animal Hospital, we deliver timely spay and neuter surgeries so your pet can experience the most benefits.

Are you currently kowtowing to a new little ball of fluff in your home?

Bring them in for a thorough evaluation and discussion about their spay and neuter surgery.

Spay and Neuter Surgery in La Porte: Vet Gives Dog Check-Up
Spay and Neuter Surgery in La Porte: Cat Lays on Towel

Benefits of Surgery

We all know that spays and neuters prevent unwanted pregnancies, but they do a whole lot more, too. Several benefits you can expect for your pet include:

  • Reduction or elimination of undesirable behaviors such as urine spraying and mounting (males), the frustrations of heat cycles (females), and even aggression (males).
  • Decreased risk of developing certain conditions including mammary gland tumors and pyometra (females) and prostate problems (males).
  • No risk of developing ovarian or uterine cancers (females) and testicular cancer (males).

Perfect Timing for Your Pet's Surgery

Generally, we recommend that your pet be spayed or neutered at about 6 months of age. Yet sometimes an earlier or later surgery may offer more benefits. Schedule an appointment today with your puppy or kitten to discuss their options with your veterinarian!


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