Pet Diagnostics Mean Superior Care in La Porte

Advanced pet diagnostics are essential in veterinary medicine. Pets cannot tell us how they’re feeling, so we rely on diagnostic equipment to give us the whole story of your pet’s health. At Bay-Porte Animal Hospital, we perform digital X-rays, ultrasound, and extensive lab work in-house. These help us fully understand your pet’s condition so we can offer the most effective treatment.

Seeing Beyond the Surface with X-Rays and Ultrasound

Our veterinarians rely on digital imaging technology to see and evaluate your pet’s internal structures. These tools are invaluable in diagnosing certain internal medical cases, musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, disease, and so much more.

Pet Diagnostics in La Porte, TX

Dog and Cat X-Rays

Dog and cat digital X-rays are far superior to their film predecessor. They use significantly less radiation, are quick and easy to take, and the images develop instantaneously as digital files that we can share with you or other veterinarians. We use X-rays for a number of situations including:

  • Fractures
  • Joint injuries or disorders
  • Organ abnormalities
  • Ingested foreign body location
  • And more

Dog and Cat Ultrasound

Dog and cat ultrasound uses sound waves to generate a live, 3D image of your pet’s organs and abdominal cavity. With a live image, we can see everything in motion and observe how things are functioning—or not functioning. We use ultrasound for the following:

  • Heart diseases and abnormalities (called an echocardiogram)
  • Urogenital disorders
  • Abdominal problems
  • Pregnancy
  • And more
Veterinarian performing a dog ultrasound

In-House Laboratory at Bay-Porte Animal Hospital

Our lab has the capability to run a variety of pet diagnostics. Whenever your pet simply isn’t themselves, lab tests can offer us essential information for identifying a potential problem. Common tests we run with our lab include:

  • Complete blood counts (CBCs)
  • Blood chemistry panels
  • Fecal exams
  • Urinalysis
  • Cytology
  • Fungals

For more information about our pet diagnostics and how they are instrumental in providing your pet with the highest level of care, contact us today at (281) 471-6834.