8 Tips for Boarding Your Dog in La Porte, TX

Dog Boarding in La Porte, TXWhen you’re heading out of town, it’s an important part of the planning to decide what to do with your dog! Our furry friends can’t always come everywhere with us, and if you can’t have a family member or trusted pet sitter watch them at home while you’re away, you can consider cat and dog boarding options.

In La Porte, TX there are a lot of options for boarding your dog, so how do you decide which one is right? And how do you prep your dog so they’re more likely to have a stress-free stay? Here are 10 tips for helping you choose the right boarding facility and helping you prep your dog!

1. Take a Tour of the Dog Boarding Facility in La Porte

After you make a list of possible boarding options, schedule a time to take a tour of each of them. And if possible, bring your dog! You’ll be able to ask a lot of questions and see the facility for yourself—and also see how their current boarding guests are being treated.

2. Ask the Right Questions

While you’re on that boarding tour, ask the right questions! Some of the most important things you’ll want to consider include:

If your dog will be with other dogs at any point, whether for group play or potty breaks and how they decide which dogs to pair up. They should mention pairing dogs up by temperament, and also emphasize that dogs will be supervised at all times!

French Bulldog lounging in kennelAsk what kind of requirements there are before your dog is allowed to board. They will likely mention certain vaccines that are required as well as being current on parasite prevention.

It’s also helpful to have an understanding of what your dog’s day will look like while boarding in La Porte, TX. When will they be able to relieve themselves, do they get some exercise, how often do staff interact with them, etc.? If possible, implement some of these daily routines into your home routine the week leading up to the boarding stay so your dog has an easier time adjusting.

And of course, make sure you know the pick-up and drop-off hours!

3. Consider Your Dog’s Health When Choosing a Boarding Facility in La Porte, TX

If your dog has a medical condition or specific diet, you’ll need to make sure the boarding staff is aware of their condition and able to give your pet the care they need. Some dogs require daily medication, so ask about whether or not there’s a fee for medication administration. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to check in about who will be administering the medication and whether or not your dog has any veterinarian supervision during their stay. Not all dog boarding facilities have a vet or trained medical professionals on staff, so if your pet has a pre-existing medical condition, it might be a better idea to leave them with a veterinarian who also offers boarding services.

 4. Do a Test Run at the Dog Boarding Facilities in La Porte, TX 

Before a longer stay, do a short test run for your dog so they can familiarize themselves with boarding life. Leave them for a day or two at the boarding facility of your choosing, and be sure to ask the staff how your dog did during their stay. If there was crying in the night or other issues, you may have enough time to address these problems before their longer stay.

5. Adjust Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits

Does your dog sleep with you every night in bed? They won’t have you to sleep with at the boarding facility, it may be a good idea to change their sleeping habits and get them used to sleeping alone. Try getting them their own bed, placing it in your room, and encourage them to sleep there instead of next to you. Once they get used to that, try moving the bed outside your room so they can experience some nights on their own before the big move.

6. Drop Them Off in the Morning

This gives them all day to get used to their new environment before having to bed down for the night.

7. Help Them Get Comfortable

Some dog boarding facilities in La Porte, TX allow you to bring some of your pet’s things from home. Their bed, blanket, leash, and a toy or two can help them feel more comfortable in the new space.

8. Keep Up with Parasite Prevention and Vaccines

Core vaccines like rabies and distemper are required by most dog boarding facilities. Lifestyle vaccines such as Bordetella and canine influenza may also be necessary for every boarding guest. Furthermore, preventing the spread of parasites is a key part of maintaining a safe boarding facility, so your dog will likely have to be up to date on their flea, tick, and heartworm prevention.

Bay-Porte Animal Hospital has the Best Dog Boarding Facilities in La Porte, TX

Looking for a safe place to board your dog while you’re away? Consider Bay-Porte Animal Hospital! Our dog boarding guests are looked after by a trained medical staff and have regular veterinarian supervision.